Friday, January 15, 2010


Okay, gang. Perhaps by now you have heard that our new album, The Monitor, has been leaked onto the internet, and I would be remiss not to remind you guys that we'd really much rather you not download the record but actually just buy it when it comes out. I know that sounds pretty old-fashioned in 2010, but I had to say it.

I am glad that it seems those of you who have eaten from the forbidden tree of knowledge seem to generally enjoy the record, and it is a thrill to have Warren Ellis approve of our debt to Billy Bragg on Twitter (did I mention I love comic books? Because that is kind of important!). Still, you guys have to understand, that if you all just download the record for free, it will mean bad things for yr friends in Titus Andronicus, who, as we learned earlier, have to eat.

Also, there is going to be a two-LP vinyl release of this album that is going to sound way better than the lossy mp3 rips that you could listen to now. We expended a great deal of effort trying to make it sound as good as we could (no "lo-fi" aspirations here), and we want you guys to have the highest quality version possible, if that it something you care about.

That said, great big thanks to all the decent folks who made The Monitor pre-order the number nine seller on Insound this week! Woo hoo! You guys are the best.

All of you who are downloading our new album and sharing it with yr friends, we like you guys too and appreciate yr enthusiasm, but if you like the album, please buy the real thing and not just the digital bootlegs flying around, so that we may continue to survive while we attempt to see to yr rock and roll needs.

Obviously, once the proverbial genie is out of the bottle, there is no putting it back in, so... shit, I dunno. I hate to tell you kids what to do. Yr smart. I know you'll do the right thing.

Yr friend,


Jonathan Clements said...

Hey guys I downloaded the album. It rocks. I've also seen you live, bought a tee shirt, sang along to every song, and will do the same again when you're back in Houston. Thank you for giving your fans some respect. We don't want you to starve. You can even crash at my place next time and I'll feed you. Just not by hand. That would be creepy.

Joe said...

And what of us who have pre-ordered the record AND downloaded the leak? We just couldn't wait!

Patrick, have you seen "Youth in Revolt?" Lots of cute shout outs to Albert Camus and futurism.

Iman Lababedi said...

i dont believe in downloading without paying and I won't do it. Perhaps you can sell it earlier than planned?

Im going to United Palace tonight -good luck with the gig

Iman Lababedi said...

whoops that was

Iman Lababedi said...

just heard four of the new songs on your myspace.. here are my thoughts:

Unknown said...

Just finished listening to the album within the last 30 seconds and will be hitting the pre-order button within the next. I didn't want to break the law, but it's your fault for making me want it so much!

Kid Dactyl said...

My typical system is to preorder and then download, so I pay for the record but get it earlier, since I bought it. I have yet to do either this time around, though. Don't worry, it will happen.

Iman Lababedi said...

here's my review of the titus song, and if you look around he blog youll find my review of their performance last night:

Darryl said...

speaking of comics, if you haven't been reading brian wood's DMZ, it seems like it may be up your alley.