Monday, August 20, 2007

The Deep Freeze

Titus Andronicus Is in the early stages of planing our next tour to promote the new record coming out on Troubleman Unlimited, here is our working itinerary of our tour. We do not have any places booked at this time, so if any of you can help us out it would be greatly appreciated.

1/2/08 New York City/ New Jersey
1/3/08 Philadelphia PA
1/4/08 Baltimore, MD
1/5/08 Washington, DC
1/6/08 Charlottesville, VA
1/7/08 Norfolk, VA
1/8/08 Durham, NC
1/9/08 Chapel Hill, NC
1/10/08 Athens, GA
1/11/08 Atlanta, GA
1/12/08 Nashville, TN
1/13/08 Louisville, KY
1/14/08 Indianapolis, IN or Lafayatte, IN
1/15/08 Columbus, OH
1/16/08 Pittsburgh, PA

Any place that Are around these areas would be fine substitute, and if you can't help us with a show you can always let us sleep on your floor.

With love, Titus Andronicus