Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The New 7”

We have been saying for the last past month that the New 7” will be here any day. Well the time has come; we have the new 7’ in our possession. You can buy them at our upcoming shows. They will be in the Troubleman Unlimited store in the middle of next week. We would like to thank Brittany Botz for the art and Kevin Mcmahon for recording the songs.

Pressing Info:

Label: Troubleman Unlimited
Distributor: Revolver
0 test presses
500 made Black vinyl with hand numbered screened covers (no pops or skips)
Number 476-500 printed on Red paper
100 Orange Inserts
400 Red Inserts

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Up Date in The World of Titus Andronicus

First off we would like to give a Big thanks to Rob from the Bergen Record For doing the write up on the band. In other news the album is almost done being recorded and will hopefully be in your hands in a timely fashion. On top of that Titus has some pretty Good shows lined up.

9/22 @ Don Pedro's Brooklyn, NY with Le Rug and Snake Vision
10/16 @ Cornell University Ithaca, NY With Matt and Kim
11/11 @ goodbye Blue Mondays Brooklyn, NY with Truman Sparkes (Charlottesville, VA) Awesome Band

There has been talk of us being involved in CMJ Stay tune for more information.

Also the next 7" should be out soon...Maybe

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Deep Freeze

Titus Andronicus Is in the early stages of planing our next tour to promote the new record coming out on Troubleman Unlimited, here is our working itinerary of our tour. We do not have any places booked at this time, so if any of you can help us out it would be greatly appreciated.

1/2/08 New York City/ New Jersey
1/3/08 Philadelphia PA
1/4/08 Baltimore, MD
1/5/08 Washington, DC
1/6/08 Charlottesville, VA
1/7/08 Norfolk, VA
1/8/08 Durham, NC
1/9/08 Chapel Hill, NC
1/10/08 Athens, GA
1/11/08 Atlanta, GA
1/12/08 Nashville, TN
1/13/08 Louisville, KY
1/14/08 Indianapolis, IN or Lafayatte, IN
1/15/08 Columbus, OH
1/16/08 Pittsburgh, PA

Any place that Are around these areas would be fine substitute, and if you can't help us with a show you can always let us sleep on your floor.

With love, Titus Andronicus


Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Rumors Are True

In less than a week the boys in Titus Andronicus with be heading up North to record a full-length album at Marcata Recoding. The album will be released on New Jerseys Troubleman Unlimited. If all goes according to plan the album should be out before the end of 2007. Also to give this album a proper introduction to the world, Titus Andronicus will embark on another tour in the winter. The locations and extensiveness of the tour are unknown at this point, but we would love to come party with you, Get in touch with us if you would like us to play your town.

Blast OFF!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Shit Storm

The members of Titus Andronicus have decided to throw caution to the wind and make the biggest finical mistake by hitting the open road. We will be playing show in
Glen Rock. NJ
Springfield, MA
Durham, NC
Atlanta, GA (this date is not locked down, we will play any show near or far from this locations )
Memphis, TN
Omaha, NE (not looking so good will play any shows on the path from Memphis to Minnesota )
Minneapolis, MN ( looking good here but any addition help would be great)
Chicago, IL

For more detailed information visit

If any of you kind people who live in these areas would like to let us sleep on your floors we would appreciate it greatly.

PS. The best way to contact us is by emailing us at

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New 7" on Troubleman Unlimited

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A side: Albert Camus
B side: Upon Viewing Bruegel’s Landscape with the fall of Icarus

Hopefully this will be out in the near future.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Putting the "Boots" back in "VU Boots"

You are all probably wondering where esteemed Titus Andronicus guitar-slinger VU Boots (Dan Tews to his enemies) got his amazing nickname. Well, it is a long and enthralling story, but the thrust of it as follows - I first became acquainted with VuBu via that modern marvel you are now enjoying, the internet. A mutual friend made both of us aware that the other shared his love for the Velvet Underground, and I was delighted to find out that my new friend had a large collection of Velvet Underground bootlegs, such as the famous "Guitar Amp" tape and a recording of that famous show they played in Boston with the MC5. He was more than happy to share these bootlegs with me, as Velvets fans are wont to do, and so "VU Boots" was born. Get it? VU Boots = Velvet Underground bootlegs.

It didn't stop there, however. Before long, the newly-christened VU Boots was bringing his trusty handheld cassette recorder with him everywhere he went, especially to notable concert performances. It stands to reason, then, that since he became involved in the band, he has done extensive recording of Titus Andronicus concerts. Previously, they have been used as references - much in the same way a football team will review tape of a previous game, we musicians will listen back to the recordings and look for areas in which we could improve or expand upon. Of course, they are such terrible quality that little can be inferred. Useless as they are, we figured it was time to share them with all of you wonderful people. Here are links to a few of our recent concerts for your listening (dis)pleasure. Again, let me remind you they are no-to-negative-fidelity and should not be held up as evidence that Titus Andronicus sounds bad live.

Titus Andronicus @ Pianos, NYC 3/10/07

Titus Andronicus @ somebody's house, I guess, Brooklyn 3/24/07

Titus Andronicus @ Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn 1/31/07

Don't forget that Titus Andronicus is playing at the world-famous Knitting Factory, albeit the dank basement, this coming Thursday. This could be your chance to see VU Boots in action! You don't want to miss that.

Your friend,

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Seven Inch!

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The debut Titus Andronicus 7" is out now on Shake Appeal records featuring "Titus Andronicus" on the A-side and "Fear and Loathing in Mahwah New Jersey" on the B-side. and 500 have been made on black vinyl with art by Brittany Botz.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Upcoming Shows

4/19/07 8:00 NY, NY @The Knitting Factory [Old Office]
w/The Dark Romantics, Vicio, Michael Jordan, $7, all ages

4/28/04 10:00 Mamaroneck NY @ The Duck Inn. 128 West Boston Post Road
w/ V.C.R. Free. Age: tba

5/12/07 7:00 NY, NY @ The Annex. 52 Orchard Street
w/ The Valentinos, more TBA. $8, 21+

5/24/07 8:00 Boston MA @ Great Scott
w//Keys to the Streets of Fear, Brothers/Sisters, Christians and Lions. 18+

The members of Titus Andronicus have no lives and nothing to do. Feel free to contact us about playing shows