Saturday, January 2, 2010

Points of interest for 2010

Hello friends. First of all, let me thank everyone who came out to our New Year's Eve show with the So So Glos at the Mercury Lounge - it was a lot of fun! Whee! I want to send a special message to one person in particular though. It was some sort of burly-ish gentleman in the front row who wore a big winter coat and scarf. We were playing "Where Eagles Dare" by the Misfits because that song rocks, and during the last verse, I saw this guy singing along, and so I decided to stick the microphone in his face to sing with him, because that is the thing to do when you are playing a song like "Where Eagles Dare." Imagine my delight to hear that this guy had a great voice! Really, I have put microphones in people's faces many times before during that part of that song, and I can honestly say, this guy was the best singer of them all. My thought processes were a bit of a blur at this point, being New Year's Eve and all, so I made a pretty lame attempt at mounting this guy's shoulders so that I could ride him around during the last chorus. I don't know - at the time, it seemed like the thing to do. It didn't really work out, and my girlfriend chided me later for sticking my crotch in this guy's face. Hey, guy - if you disliked that event as much as my girlfriend thought you probably did, I am really sorry! I was acting crazy because I was so excited about yr great voice. You did a good job. I was trying to do a good job too - if I didn't, many apologies. If you ever see me on the street, tell me who you are, and I will let you stick yr crotch in my face for a minute or so, and we'll be even Stephens.

In other news, it has been brought to my attention the recent publication of what may be the first piece of Titus Andronicus (the band) "fan fiction," if you can call it that.

The End of the 00s: The Ballad of That Guy From Titus Andronicus (As Told To Matthew Perpetua)

It is kind of funny, I guess, but it still makes me unhappy. It seems the joke is that we are greedy capitalists who are in it for money and fame. I suppose I brought it on myself by writing that blog about the Vice Halloween party when I confided that I was concerned about my finances and admitted that it was hard making a living playing indie rock music. That was wrong of me, I guess. Our new position for 2010 is that we don't ever, ever think about money, and that we have the luxury of making artistic pursuits our only priority. That's right, folks - we no longer require food or clothing or shelter. After all, we have sold, like, seven thousand records. Obviously we want for nothing! We're big stars!!

Anyway, at least this joker had the decency to take credit for his work. I mean, he could have easily just posted an anonymous comment in some internet dungeon about how we would like to see us castrated. Very admirable, how accountable this Matthew Perpetua is.

In other news, we watched the movie "Wisconsin Death Trip" on Netflix last night, and it was kind of cool, so here is a little video of us playing in Wisconsin way back in February 2009.

Okay, I guess that is all for now! Best wishes for the new year.

Yr friend,

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