Friday, February 18, 2011

Music video shoot this Sunday!

DISCLAIMER: The below information can be found in much more condensed terms here, if you, like, have something better to do (you don't).

Hey gang. I've got something important to tell you. I wanted to tell you a couple of other things before I told you this, because there are still some things to discuss, but the speed at which this modern world moves is forcing me onto a new schedule. I might have wanted to reveal certain things to you in a nice linear fashion, but you know these blogs - everything has to be new and up-to-the-instant and yesterday's news isn't worth lining birdcages with. Right? Anyway.

Remember all those great music videos we have made over the years? Yeah, me neither. Something about Titus Andronicus pretending to rock out in some kind of cool environment? Well, point is, it is that time again, time for us to once more pretend to rock out in some kind of cool environment. This time, though, the power is in yr hands to take our pretend rocking out and make it real. How can you help yr beloved Punk Pinnochios? Here's how.

This coming Sunday, February the 20th, we in Titus Andronicus will submit ourselves to the will of famed NJ independent radio fixture and up-and-coming music video director Tom Scharpling in the interest of making some moving pictures to go along with our song, "No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future." This our song about how you will always be a loser, remember?

The concept of the video is quite simply a one-day tour of the great state of New Jersey, a place that Titus Andronicus is often wont to sing about, and somewhere much beloved by Tom Scharpling to boot. We will run around the state in our van, hop out to rock out, and then on to the next. Get it? Our fondest dream is that when we get to our various locations, you will be there, chomping at the bit to jump up and down in some approximation of punk-ish enthusiasm. Chances are, once we get there and see that you are really nice, we'll probably play a couple other songs for real, just because we live to entertain you. Is that okay? Will you be there?

"Where is there?" Fair question. "There" is here, at these times:

11 Pinewood Drive
Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Asbury Park Boardwalk Casino
1150 Boardwalk
Asbury Park, NJ

Roof Of The Iron Monkey
97 Greene Street
Jersey City, NJ

So you will come? You will? And all yr friends too?!? Wow, thanks so much! Just one more thing though - can you go to this Facebook event page and RSVP? Tom and his elite squad of producers are hoping for an "accurate head count." Thanks so much.

Now, some of you little bastards may be saying, "Who the hell is this Tom Scharpling guy? Some radio DJ? What does he know about directing music videos?" Okay, first of all, check that attitude. If that is how you approach life, we don't even want you to be in our video! Secondly, what rock have you been trapped under where you haven't seen the two videos embedded below, both directed by Mr. Scharpling? Cut off that arm already and watch these things - they are hilarious!

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Bottled in Cork

The New Pornographers - Moves

So yeah, that is basically the scoop. Please find it in yr hearts to get jazzed about participating, tell all yr friends, then RSVP and show up! Then in a couple weeks or something, you can watch the video in question and know that you helped in its realization. Should be good times.

Although, truth be told, I don't even know why we are making a video for this song - these guys already did it!

Okay, I guess that is it. See you on Sunday, yes? Great!

Yr friend,