Monday, June 17, 2013


Okay gang, it is that time again, for you to open wide and be blasted. I know this feature has been far from the weekly dosage I have promised, but as you will learn the more you get to know me, I have a way of making outrageous promises and declarations and failing to follow through on them. I guess you could say I suffer from some delusions of grandeur. That doesn't mean I can't give you the top quality content though, so behold below, in glorious, crystal clear 1080P, The Blast for this Monday.

Firstly we will view the So So Glos, rising stars of the Bring Back the Dudes Tour of this just passed May. You may have seen them on The David Letterman Show or read about their new record 'Blowout' (available now from Shea Stadium Records) whilst grazing the fields of yr favorite online content farm. Perhaps yr one of the unlucky few still ignorant of this ongoing miracle in modern pop-punk - if so, begin yr lifelong obsession here, watching them play two of their hit songs from the aforementioned LP, "Everything Revival" and "Son of an American."

Next, let us journey into the past a ways, to remember a great honor of my life - you know how I can't get enough of those. I had the privilege to speak at an event at McNally Jackson Books which was part of the Downtown Literary Festival, in which noted persons (plus me) spoke about their most memorable New York City concert experiences. Shining brightly amongst the luminaries, standing tall amongst these giants, was Thurston Moore, known throughout the world as the guitarist/singer of Sonic Youth, and lately of Chelsea Light Moving, who spoke about early pilgrimages to CBGB's.

Then I spoke.

In other news, a lot of noise is being made lately as to Titus Andronicus' feelings about the state of Georgia and its people. Many seem to know how we feel about it, and them, who speak confidently without a firm understanding of the facts they speak about. Let the below video, from our "now infamous" show in Athens, GA, called "The Altamont of Today" by, where the true story is made plain to see and Titus' true feelings made explicit beyond any reasonable doubt.

This wasn't the only time Titus Andronicus felt the love in Georgia on the Bring Back the Dudes Tour. See below video of an "all ages" in-store we executed at Criminal Records in Atlanta earlier that same day. Doing this free, all ages show at five pm, to atone for the sin of playing a 21+ show the night before, may have made us late to the Georgia Theater and miss our soundcheck, but I have no regrets. Please like this.

Just in case you missed the Monday #CONTENTSMACK which preceded this post, much as John the Baptist preceded the Chris+, here is that content, for free, as always - luminous fiddle wizard of the Great White North, Owen Pallett, and yr boy, hacking it up acoustic in the van like vintage Bon Jovi.

A content farmer's job is often a thankless one, but mine is an easy job today, as our recent concert at Philadelphia's very elegant and hospitable Union Transfer was captured in full by YouTube user velvetcanuck. In this concert, you will find #BRANDNEW #WORLDPREMIERE original songs from Titus Andronicus #LP4. You will see two punks sucking face on stage not once, but twice. You will see a member quit the band only to return in glory, to feast on the fetted calf. You will see a backflip the likes of which has been unseen in pop-punk since the peak of Yellowcard. These are but a few of the wonders awaiting you amongst these two hours of free musical entertainment, plus a giant watermark, also free.

Okay, that's enough content for now. Time to go to sleep. See you next Monday to get blasted again. xoxoxo

Yr friend,