Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New viral video, housing update

Hey gang. By now, you have surely heard about Kanye West's "secret show" at Brooklyn Bowl a few weeks back, and were impressed to hear about how Titus Andronicus played at the show also (since immortalized by the good people at Pitchfork.com in six fancy angles)? I know what yr thinking - "Man, I thought Titus Andronicus was cool before, but playing at a secret Kanye show? That is cooler than a polar bear in a refrigerator."

Yes, I thought so too, but then I learned about another surprise Kanye performance, this time on a plane . Titus Andronicus did not perform on this plane - in fact, we weren't invited to participate in any way! All right, Kanye - you thought that Titus Andronicus wasn't going to get a piece of this action? Guess again!

Truth is, this is the perfect opportunity for us to throw our hat into the viral video ring, so please, check out the below video, produced just this morning by Eric and myself, and marvel at the grace and ease with which Titus Andronicus navigates disparate corners of our modern media. Feel free to "tweet" or "like" this video or whatever else in our quest to reach one million views!

As long as we are talking, let me take the opportunity to thank all the good people who have offered to put us up during our forthcoming UK travels. We still have a few holes, though - we desperately need shelter in NEWCASTLE, SHEFFIELD, and CORK! Can you help please? Let me remind you, that if you agree to invite us to yr house as yr guest, YOU will be invited to the show as OUR guest, that is, FOR FREE! You can bring a couple friends too. What a deal! Please e-mail TitusAndronicusTheBand@Gmail.com if you can help.

Okay, great! That's all for today - you guys take care now.

Yr friend,