Thursday, May 7, 2009

UK friends! PLEASE let Titus A. sleep on yr FLOOR!

Dear UK friends,

If you have ever been to a Titus Andronicus concert or read a Titus Andronicus interview, you have probably heard us deliver a lengthy monologue on our favourite topic, how we don't have any money. The cruel realities of life in our modern economy have forced Titus Andronicus to adopt a philosophy of extreme frugality, "jamming econo," as the Minutemen used to call it. The first thing that has to be sacrificed to live this lifestyle? Hotels!

As you may or may not know, we are heading out on a rather extensive tour of the UK later this month, and would really fancy coming over to yr house after the show and sleeping on the floor. Thus far, thanks to the assistance of Gareth from Los Campesinos! (yes, he thinks we are cool - let that colour yr perception to whatever positive end it may), we have lined up a few evenings of accomidations, but still desperately need yr help in the following cities on the following days.

5/14 - Brighton
5/15 - Brighton *
5/16 - Southampton
5/18 - Oxford *
5/21 - Liverpool
5/26 - Glasgow *
5/27 - Middlesborugh
5/28 - Leeds *
5/30 - Sheffield

( Dates marked with a * are with the Soft Pack, if that is yr thing)

If you let us come over after the show on any of these days, we are willing to get you and a friend into the concert FOR FREE. We may also be willing to do some household chores - straighten up, wash the dishes, clean some windows, water houseplants, etc. In addition, we will entertain you with a bevy of jokes and delightful yarns. What beer the nightclub gives us, you may also have some access to. Basically, if you look after our sleeping, we will make sure that you have the most memorable and enjoyable concert experience possible. Sound fair?

There are just four of us. We are all well-behaved and polite. We promise not to make a mess. We require nothing more than a floor and a ceiling.If it is yr pleasure, we are happy to go to sleep as soon as we arrive. If you seek further partying, we are happy to do that also. I believe that you will find our company most agreeable.

PLEASE, if you are at all interested, please contact us via message at this MySpace or send an e-mail We will be eternally grateful. Thanks very much in advance for yr consideration.

Yr friends,
Titus Anronicus

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