Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some things about England:

1. We are currently traveling in something of a station wagon. It is pretty tiny.
2. In Brighton at The Volks, Patrick was sleeping on a bench in the venue's downstairs area. One of the bouncers insisted he go somewhere else. Later, said bouncer apologized, saying "I thought you were homeless."
3. We turned up our car stereo last night and now it goes from being entirely silent to being extremely loud, with no in-between.
4. The pizza place next door to Lennons in Southampton has very good fish and chips, as far as I can tell. Downstairs at the club I got the high score in "Paint It Black" on Rock Band but then accidentally erased it. You don't have to believe me if you don't want to.
5. At our second show in Brighton at Jam (formerly Water Margin), Patrick wanted to thank the audience for coming to our show while so many other popular bands were at the Great Escape festival. "You could be down the street seeing Dananananaykroyd," he said. A man in the front row replied "Hey, that's my band!" According to our intel, he wasn't lying.
6. Patrick has come to believe that he has a superpower wherein he mentions a person or band and suddenly we run into them.