Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The New Titus Andronicus Music Video - Starring YOU!!

Hello friends. I am writing today to give you the following news; it has been decided between Titus Andronicus and the good people at Extra Large Recordings that there shall be produced a "music video" for our song, "Still Life with Hot Deuce and Silver Platter," from the album, "Local Business," and we would like you, Mr. or Ms. Music Fan, to be a part of it. It hardly requires that much talent - all you have to do is rock out earnestly, just as you would while enjoying any of yr favorite music. The video shoot is happening this coming Sunday, February the 17th, at a "mystery location" somewhere in North Brooklyn, somewhere easily accesible by subway. The shoot will run from 2:30 pm to around 9 pm. Refreshments will be available, and there will be a real life Titus Andronicus live performance, in addition to much lip syncing. If you are interested in being in the video, e-mail HotDeuceVideo@gmail.com with yr name, and you will receive a response telling you the location. Sound good?

If you are for some weird reason unfamiliar with the "Local Business" album, here is a lyric video for the song in question so you can get acquainted.

So, just to recap, e-mail yr name to HotDeuceVideo@Gmail.com in order to be an extra in the forthcoming Titus Andronicus music video and see the live performance, at 2:30 on Feburary 17th, at Mystery Location X in North Brooklyn, New York.

As long as we're talking about videos, I might as well mention this video I was in, made by the talented folks at La Blogotheque. In it, you'll find me hanging out in a dilapidated construction site, as I am often wont to do, playing the "Local Business" song, "Tried To Quit Smoking." The astute observer will notice I am playing the song in the key of G major, rather than in Bb major, as it appears on the album. What was with my obsession with putting every song in Bb when we made that thing? Seemed like the thing to do at the time, I guess. Anyway, while you are thinking about yr participation in the new Titus video, enjoy this.

All right, I suppose that is all for now. We'll see you at the video shoot on Sunday - don't forget to write to HotDeuceVideo@Gmail.com! Get psyched.

Yr friend,

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