Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Richmond VA

We had some time to kill In Richmond VA, so we went to vinyl conflict and here is what we came out with.


Liam Betson


Waco Fuck – Paranoia is Total Awareness LP

Total Abuse s/t (bad boy edition) LP


Ian Greatzer

Tragedy  S/T  LP

Kill your idols  Salmon Swim Upstream 7”

Double Dagger / Economist Split 7”

Deathcycle  S/T 7”

Portraits of Past / Bleed Split 7”

Bones Brigade / D.F.A. Slpit 7”

Career Suicide- Single e.p. 7” 


Patrick Stickles 

Off Spring- Smash CD

Eric Harm

Yeah Yeah Yeah – Show Your Bones CD

1 comment:

Kid Dactyl said...

you should go to Plan 9 when you're up there. I got Dead Confederates' "Wrecking Ball: for $8 on vinyl! it's a double vinyl! Holy crap!

I was there last weekend seeing my grandparents.