Friday, February 5, 2010

Whisper words of wisdom - let me pee

Hey gang. Did you see this little blurb about us that is in Rolling Stone this month? Pretty cool, right?
Yeah, except for one thing - the actual lyric is "let IT BE on a stretcher if I get carried away," not "let ME PEE on a stretcher if I get carried away," even though that is funnier. Hopefully that bodes well for the critical response to the abundance of actual scatalogical references on the record. Anyway, just wanted to clear that up. Heh heh... let me pee.
Yr friend,


alex icon said...

Too bad, really. I thought it was one of the funnier lines on the album. I'm such a sucker for puns. (In case you're wondering, yes, I did pre-order the vinyl before I downloaded it. I wouldn't play my homies in T.A. like that!) Anyway, it does illustrate a fundamental truth about the explosion of non-physical music-listening, i.e. listening to songs sans CD and lyric booklet, which is the re-democratization of song lyrics. Power to the people, I say—so long as they can come up with interesting mondegreens. (In this case I think your version was superior, though, as much as I'm sure we all, and the readership of Rolling Stone magazine to boot, enjoy the timeless comedy goldmine that is bathroom humour.)

-One of the like, 50 people at that Montreal show in September.

Anonymous said...

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saim said...

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